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A hoodie and a blazer? Come on, you know? The phrase itself is considered an oxymoron by some. Two competing pieces of apparel that should never be seen together or worn publicly. We are aware that some fans will bemoan the gradual extinction of formal, conventional menswear in favour of “athleisure” or casual clothing. We comprehend. Whatever the case, pairing a blazer with a hoodie has transcended the realm of street style and entered the mainstream. Like most new fashion trends, it becomes easier to accept—and maybe even like—the more you see it. In this episode of UNFUSED, we examine the history of this trend and showcase a few stylish outfits you can wear.

The Blazer with a Hoodie’s History.

Although a precise genesis is difficult to pinpoint, our investigation into the tale indicates that the look has geographical roots in the Northeast, specifically in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Male prep schools had (and still have) severe clothing codes, such as shirt, tie, blazer, dress shoes, etc., as many people can recall and attest. Students were able to cover the shirt and tie with a sweatshirt when the temperature got chilly. Many others choose to do without or swap out the sweater for a hooded sweatshirt, creating the recognisable hooded flap appearance as the hoodie rests on the blazer lapels.

During those years, many NBA players, like Lebron James, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, etc., attended formal sports prep schools. They adopted the appearance and brought it into the NBA, giving it a completely new life as a street style necessity. At its foundation, modern street style is about combining disparate items (such as a formal piece with a casual/athletic piece) to create a distinctive, fashionable look.

How to Wear a Blazer with a Hoodie.

The hoodie itself has evolved into an instantly recognisable American fashion item, making the blazer/hoodie combo a uniquely American ensemble. What was initially a piece of clothing for practical purposes is now a commonplace fashion accessory that has the interest of the majority of fashion firms. Some of the more well-known fashion houses that currently sell extremely expensive hoodies ($$$) as a main product include Versace, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. Although a $1,000 hoodie may have looked absurd a few years ago, it is actually possible.
Although the Gucci hoodie is a pricey item, the appeal of this outfit, in our opinion, lies in the way the hoodie is paired with a more formal, more traditional piece like a jacket.

We like plain, darker-colored hoodies for this aesthetic. We also prefer it without elaborate stitching or embellishments. A more formal, elegant appearance will be achieved by choosing a darker, basic colour scheme for the ensemble. We personally adore the navy hoodie from American Giant, which is a wonderful basic. All American Giant’s are made domestically, as the name suggests. They are built ruggedly outside but soft inside, with a strong, no-nonsense feel, and are made from a durable, work wear-inspired yarn that is specifically made to layer all year round.
One of our favourites is the outfit shown below. The dark hoodie looks well with the dark jeans. The wool blazer in speckled charcoal contrasts with everything beautifully. The hoodie is also lighter and better fitted, which gives the whole outfit the sleeker appearance we’re going for. While bulkier hoodies are appropriate for daily activities, a more tapered shape is preferred for this appearance. If you’re wanting to complete this outfit, our purchasing advice is to purchase your hoodie one size smaller (XL to L).

A sleek blazer with hoodie ensemble

The ensemble below is another that is more simple. This particular outfit is appealing to us because most men already own a blazer, which makes it simple to put together. A basic, successful combination that you can never go wrong with is navy on navy. It is combined with a pair of khaki-colored denim to add a little more contrast to the ensemble. The outfit is ideal if you’re dining out and anticipate having a substantial dinner if you’re not going to a really formal setting, especially the soft, comfortable hoodie.

Easy and casual blazer / hoodie look

Having said that, there are a few fashion blunders you can commit with this outfit. A few obvious red flags can be seen in the glance below. As we have stated, a baggy, loose hoodie is ineffective. To put the hoodie over the blazer, you must first locate a hefty, overcoat-style blazer. It is not great, but you can wear it with an overcoat. The outfit is overstuffed, and it looks a little sloppy to be completely honest with you. Finally, the t-shirt that was visible through the hoodie only makes the problems worse. Try to tuck your t-shirt inside your pants so that it isn’t visible below the waist.

The Blazer with Hoodie Conclusion

This look appeals to us a lot. You can wear it and pull off a stylish appearance now that it has some level of mainstream notoriety. It’s quite comfortable thanks to the hoodie (ideal if you’re going out for a hearty supper), and putting it together is simple. As a result, this is one of our easiest guides because our advice is so basic.

1) Seek out a tapered, slim hoodie, especially in a darker colour (without too much embroidery or graphics)

2) Combine it with a deep, substantial blazer. Depending on the situation, either slacks or denim will be appropriate.


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