Winter Style: A Compendium of 17 Coats to Elevate Your Wardrobe


No matter how meticulously you curate your wardrobe, winter often demands covering up your stylish ensembles with functional coats. But fear not! Winter coats can be a fashion statement, enhancing your style rather than hiding it. In this guide, we delve into 17 types of coats that will keep you warm and elevate your winter wardrobe to new heights. Let’ dive into Winter style.

The Quilted Coat

Quilted coats, beloved by celebrities like Katie Holmes, offer a perfect blend of style and warmth. These coats are ideal for those who love layering, providing a lightweight option that seals in heat. The choice of vampy fall shades like copper or burgundy adds a touch of sophistication, steering away from any potential “grandma energy.”

Duster Coats

The duster coat, a hybrid between a trench and a robe, is a fashion time traveler. As stylist Shea Daspin notes, its dramatic silhouette harks back to an era of dresses over jeans and studded belts. It’s not just a coat; it’s a piece of nostalgia billowing in the wind.

Puffer Coats

Puffer coats, especially mid-length ones like Norma Kamali’s Hooded Sleeping Bag Jacket, are iconic. They bring playfulness and statement-making capabilities to your winter wardrobe. Imagine transforming your entire look with one bold piece – that’s the magic of a puffer coat.

Winter style

Duffle Coats

Duffle coats, with their distinctive loop and toggle closures, present a unique and less commonly spotted option. The toggle details range from subtle to statement-making, adding a touch of charm. Plus, the hoods make them exceptionally snug for colder climates.

The Robe Coat

Described as one of the most timeless and versatile pieces, the robe coat offers a loose, slouchy fit. It can be belted at the waist for structure or worn open for a casual look. Its adaptability makes it a wardrobe staple that effortlessly complements various styles.

Trench Coats

Trench coats, as highlighted by stylist Andrew Gelwicks, are absolute must-haves. They possess the rare quality of adaptability, elevating casual fits or complementing formal and professional looks. If you adore the silhouette but need more warmth, explore leather variations.

Cape Coats

Winter capes bring a touch of elegance while providing full-coverage outerwear. As Bella Gerard suggests, they are reminiscent of vintage styles, offering a fancy, femme silhouette perfect for formal events or parties.

Shearling Coats

Shearling coats come in various lengths, catering to different preferences. A shearling moto jacket suits those who prefer cropped silhouettes, while full-length options are great for those committed to miniskirts or short dresses. Explore brands like Jakke, utilizing faux shearling from recycled water bottles for cruelty-free options.

The Peacoat

Combining the warmth of a robe coat and the classic style of a trench, the peacoat is a timeless choice. Traditionally designed in navy or black, khaki and tan variations add a modern touch. When shopping for a peacoat, ensure a careful fit, especially if planning to layer with thicker sweaters.

Parka or Anorak

A sporty down parka, as recommended by Gerard and Gelwicks, is a versatile investment. The North Face, a heritage outerwear brand, offers a range of styles that seamlessly blend the trendy with the timeless. The well-insulated yet lightweight nature of parkas allows for an oversized silhouette without compromising comfort.

Cashmere Coats

Cashmere peacoats, as approved by stylist Kate Wasserbach Moore, are exquisite investment pieces. The magic lies in the luxe material rather than the silhouette, making them equally appealing in long and short styles. These coats promise warmth and a touch of elegance throughout the seasons.

Leather Jackets

The oversized leather jacket trend persists, bringing classic aviator or moto styles to the forefront. The roomier fit of these jackets accommodates chunky knit sweaters with ease, allowing you to layer up while staying comfortably stylish.

winter style

Colorful Statement Coats

A colorful statement coat, such as the plaid Delpozo coat, may seem too bold for everyday wear, but there’s a method to the madness. As Gerard explains, a standout coat simplifies your wardrobe underneath. If your coat makes the statement, a simple ensemble underneath, like denim and a black turtleneck, can suffice.

Cuffed Coats

For those hesitant to dive into full-out statement coats, cuffed coats offer a gradual entry into bolder styles. Saks Potts’s shearling-trimmed coats, colorful cuffs, and double-breasted trim add a playful touch to classic silhouettes without overwhelming the wearer.

Leather Trench Coats

Combining the sophistication of a trench coat with the edginess of leather, these coats are a standout choice for the fashion-forward. Gerard considers a black leather trench a must-have, emphasizing its versatility to be dressed up or down, making it suitable for various weather conditions.

Winter style

Faux Fur Coats

Beyond their playful aesthetics, Faux fur coats are surprisingly effective at keeping you warm. While opting for neutral-colored coats is always a safe bet, experimenting with vibrant faux fur options can add a delightful pop to your winter wardrobe.


Shackets, a portmanteau of shirt and jacket, represent a modern classic for transitional weather. Wasserbach Moore deems them a must-have for fall, seamlessly combining a shirt’s comfort with a jacket’s warmth. Perfect for those days when it’s chilly but not bone-chilling cold.


Q1: How do I choose the right coat for my style?

A1: Consider your style, preferred length, and the climate. Whether you love drama, simplicity, or versatility, there’s a coat for you.

Q2: Can I wear a statement coat every day?

A2: Absolutely! A bold coat allows you to keep your outfit simple underneath while making a statement effortlessly.

Q3: Are shearling coats ethical?

A3: Yes, opt for cruelty-free options from brands like Jakke, which use faux shearling made from recycled materials.

Q4: How do I style a trench coat for winter?

A4: For colder weather, choose a leather trench for added warmth. Pair it with layers for a chic and cozy winter look.

Q5: Can I wear a shacket in colder climates?

A5: Shackets are perfect for chilly but not cold weather—layer with sweaters for added warmth.

Conclusion: Bundle Up in Style

Winter doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style for warmth. With these 17 types of coats, you can embrace the chilly season with a burst of fashion. From the timeless elegance of trench coats to the bold


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